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A funny thought just occurred to me…

I’ve read people’s opinions about how Tommy was more dedicated to Kimberly than Katherine. But was Kimberly as dedicated to Tommy in return?

Think about this carefully for a second. Ok, In “Green With Evil” Kimberly was understandably in Jason’s corner because she hadn’t even met Tommy yet, so we’ll rule that out.

In “Gung Ho” she was rooting for Tommy but also Jason because they were teaming.

In “A Star is Born” she could have stayed with him for his audition, but chose to go hang out with the others at the beach.

In “The Yolk’s On You” she was once again rooting for both because they were a team. (Just want to point out she also pokes fun at him for taking so long to pick up the black belts. “Yeah did he go to Japan to pick up the black belts or what?” Jason was more concerned about him than she was and it was Zack who had to step in and say “Hey that’s not funny you guys, he could be in trouble.”)

In “Football Season” she basically just tells him “Good luck Tommy.” and then runs off to play flag football with the guys. (On Jason’s team btw. I noticed more often than not, she teams with him when they play sports). At the end of the episode she cheers for Tommy but she cheers for everyone else as well so it’s no big deal.

Finally, in “Missing Green” she doesn’t seem to mind Tommy’s absence until she figures out that it might be bothering Jason. At that point, she suggests finding Tommy and bringing him back to help Jason feel better. At the end she’s there to cheer Jason on while he wins the Golden Pipe karate trophy.

Now this argument isn’t to point out that she’s more supportive of Jason, (though I think she is. This is not mentioning her support when he was trying to beat Bulk’s bench press record, or when she cheered for him in Turbo during that karate match for charity. Sure she was cheering for all of them, but we pretty much only see her celebrating with Jason). But if you ask me, Tommy’s dedication isn’t completely reciprocated.

If Tommy/Kat is one sided because he wasn’t as invested in her as she was in him, you could almost say the same for Kim and Tommy. Where was Tommy when Katherine needed dancers for ballet or models for the catwalk? Well, where was Kimberly when Tommy tried out for the Martial Arts commercial or needed training for football? Tommy may have been more dedicated to Kimberly but Kimberly was more dedicated to Jason by that same comparison.

You can argue with me on this, but there’s pretty much no point. I’m not just spouting random crap. I’m citing events that are canon to the show. Yes, she was very concerned about him when he was the Green Ranger. But so was everyone else. And she would have been concerned for anyone else on the team if they went through the same situation. So that’s not a valid excuse.

That’s all I have to say on the matter. Disagree with me if you like, which I’m sure you will. But the facts are there and they are not in your favor.

Jason was “just a brother” to Kimberly? I think not. See, his name is Jason Lee Scott, her name is Kimberly AnnHart. They share neither blood, nor parentage. Jason was not, is not and never will be her brother. By your logic, if Jason was like a brother to Kimberly, then he was like a brother to Trini as well. But that doesn’t stop you from shipping Jason/Trini does it? And for the sanctimonious Tomberly shippers who reject logic and refuse to acknowledge the breakup… may I remind you of the letter Kimberly sent Tommy in Zeo, where, as she so eloquently put it “and in some ways you’re like a brother”. 

Your argument is invalid.