Dedicated to Jason Lee Scott & Kimberly Ann Hart. Red + Pink With a Touch of Gold.
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Guys … c’mon please


So I overheard 10 seconds of the old school Power Rangers theme and…


When I was a much younger girl, the original Power Rangers debuted.

I’m not ashamed to admit I shipped Kimberly and Jason.

Unpopular opinion, I was not a huge fan of Tommy.

Yes I still know their names to this day. Even though I don’t know anything after the original cast.


Jason nor Kim ever got together in high school, she actually got with Tommy but when her future came to her to go to Florida and join the Pan Global Games where she eventually breaks up with Tommy. Years later Jason returns from the Peace Conferences and becomes the gold ranger but only for a little while, Zach and Trini had stayed or so Jason thought; but eventually he moves to Florida unbeknownst to him that Kim is living there. On the beach one day Jason is training and bumps into Kim. They begin to hang out more, soon the hanging out becomes dating and before long they are living together. They even both travel to Angel Grove to visit their old friends but are soon controlled by evil. But with some friendship and fighting they return to normal/

After the events of Turbo a Power Rangers movie, Jason and Kim move away from California and even avoid Florida. They settle in North Carolina. A wonderful East Coast city, near the beach and away from evil monsters. No wanting to share their relationship with others. Jason is called back for the Forever Red mission and helps train a few new Red Rangers but after that his powers are gone. The Power Coin from Zordon has no power and Jason and Kim are just normal humans. They get married in the fall of 1999 and in the early 2000’s have a daughter. After that a son. The two former rangers avoid fighting, but keep in contact with their friends. Tommy and Katherine are welcoming their second son into the world and Zach and Angelia have welcomed their first son. Billy is off on Aquitar and sadly has not told anyone about his children or his new wonderful life. 

But an evil space army is coming, will it affect the lives of past rangers/ Will the new kids be able to save the world? Only time will tell…


Red and Pink Ranger
6.5 x 10 inch canvases.