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Why do you ship Jason and Kim?  — asked by livetodayfighttomorrow

I could probably write several pages about this if I let myself, so I’ll try to keep it brief.

Firstly, I love them both as individuals and that’s important because if I didn’t, I couldn’t really ship them. I think they’re really close friends, but not the siblings people try to dismiss them as. Jason is attentive to and protective of Kimberly every bit as much as Tommy ever was.

Kimberly consistently shows concern for Jason. More concern in fact, than anyone else on the team. She’s also very supportive of him, and quite frankly I don’t see that a lot with Tomberly. At least on Kimberly’s side. I’m not saying she’s not supportive of him or has never showed concern for him. I’m saying she did it more with Jason.

I think in the end it’s just a fault of the writers. They did a pretty decent job of writing the romance, considering that the romance was never the primary focus of the show. But they were sometimes inconsistent and it was just kind of glaring to me and ridiculous.

For example, all the Rangers are going on some trip except Jason and Tommy, and Kim says “Hey Jase, I sure wish you were coming on this field trip with us.” where the hell was Tommy and why does no one, not even Kim mention him? Then they actually get together and you’d think things would change, but nope. Kim finds Tommy playing basketball alone and mentions Jason told her where he was. I think maybe he was confused about which one of them he was dating. The next time he’s off sulking alone he doesn’t tell anyone at all, and Kim doesn’t even care until she realizes that Jason feels guilty about it. 

Anyway, I think I dragged this on long enough. Basically, there are many reasons why I ship Jason and Kim. Pages of proof I could list for why they are good for each other and for why it could just as easily been them dating rather than Tomberly. 


Reiko Chiba ( Mei / PteraRanger ) and Yuuta Mochizuki ( Geki / TyrannoRanger )



I’m in a Jimberly mood. I hope you like this collage I made. It’s also the cover of my Facebook group for “Jimberly” fans, but this is an alternate version with lyrics from the song “All to Myself” by Kathy Fisher, which was used on MMPR a few times. Here’s the link to the Facebook group:

I hope you guys like the image.


Seriously, who the fuck needs Tommy? AKA Captain Crayola

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Episode 56: On Fins and Needles

If you don’t believe that Kim and Jason were endgame then I don’t even know you anymore.